Pastel Break

[singlepic=40,460,280,,] Anyone familiar with my work who has found my new site is probably wondering what is going on. I've shown pastels almost exclusively for the past several years, especially at art fairs where you must jury in separately for each medium. A lot of visitors to my previous site found me through the Pastel Journal or the Dakota Art Pastels Catalogue. And here I am writing post after post about oil painting and oil painting accessories.

Of course, I am still working and showing in pastel. My big push to paint oils lately stems from the need to have a body of work done and dry in time to varnish and show in the spring. I've found most of my work in oil needs a few months of drying time before I can safely apply varnish. Pastels, on the other hand, are a bit more forgiving in a time crunch. I can photograph and frame a pastel on the same day I finish it, if necessary. Therefore, I am pushing back my pastel work until my oils are painted. But I did take a break recently to paint a large pastel which I needed to balance out my show entries for the coming season. So, today I thought I would change things up and post this new pastel work, Smoke Signal No.2. The image may look a bit familiar. I have worked with this particularly dramatic leaf before, in a small pastel study which became a large oil. For this piece I revisited it with a more complex composition and more emphasis on smoky blue-greens vs. red. It was fun to switch back to pastel for a few days, and I am looking forward to doing so again as I come nearer to completion of my winter oil painting project.