Thirteen Blue Hydrangeas

[singlepic id=619 w=460 h=360 float=] Well, this is embarrassing. I forgot to post for about three months, it would seem. But I had a pretty good reason: I was busy.

Last time I posted here, I was off to Edmonds for an event at my new gallery there. Let me tell you, they put on a fun Third Thursday! One of the best parts was getting to see my childhood friend Sarah, who drove all the way from Bellingham to see the show.

I followed Sarah back and stayed at her house. In the morning she did a very convincing impression of my parents---meaning, she wouldn't let me leave without a carload of stuff. On my way out the door, I scored a box of pumpkin scone mix, and, more importantly, a giant garbage bag filled with the thirteen blue hydrangeas I had been eyeing in her back-stairs window.

I had already been thinking about hydrangeas for some time---the way their billowy, cloud-like petals resemble a hazy sky when softly backlit. As an experiment, I made some new pieces for my gallery in Cannon Beach, using  my thirteen new friends to create stormy beachscapes.

Happy with the new work, I painted more for my upcoming show, Earth and Sky, at the Tinman Gallery. The show will have a mostly-sky theme, including the hydrangeas and other new sky-themed pieces.

Earth and Sky opens Friday, March 30 at the Tinman, from 5-9 p.m. To see more work from the show, click here.

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11th Annual Spring Unveiling Art Festival

[singlepic id=417 w=320 h=360 float=left] This weekend the galleries of Cannon Beach, Oregon hold their annual Spring Unveiling Art Festival. Not the usual tents-in-a-park festival, this is a series of special events and featured artists held by the many beautiful galleries of Cannon Beach. My own Cannon Beach representatives, Northwest by Northwest Gallery, will host me for a brief talk at the gallery this Sunday. Here are the details:

11th Annual Spring Unveiling Art Festival
232 North Spruce Cannon Beach, Oregon
1:30 Sunday May 1, 2011
(the time is for my presentation---the event runs all weekend)

Small Works and Big News

[singlepic id=449 w=460 h=360 float=] The art fair season may be over, but the gallery season is just getting warmed up.

I got away from galleries for a few years, concentrating on art fairs. But the thing about art fairs is, they attract gallery owners. Concentrating on art fairs has made me more gallery connections than concentrating on galleries ever did. Go figure.

This past weekend I dropped off my first artwork at Northwest by Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I'm thrilled to be part of this beautiful gallery, representing a small and select group of very fine artists. The gallery is owned by a wonderful couple, Joyce Lincoln and Bob McGee. Bob found me at the Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair last year. When Joyce contacted me again this fall, I finally made the trip to Cannon Beach---and fell in love. I left eight pastels with a promise of more to come. (A Facebook fan pointed out that I am not listed on the NW by NW website yet, but have faith. I am there.)

And of course it wasn't three weeks ago that I announced my representation with River Bend Fine Art Gallery in Bend, Oregon. Since then, Jane has been quite busy, selling three of my pastels. Go, Jane!

To finish off the year, I will participate in the Tinman's Best of 2010, my second small works invitational with the gallery. I painted  Aviary No.2 Study, above, for the event. Last December, I kicked off my new relationship with the Tinman Gallery with this show, going on to have my own exhibit there in February.

So it seems I have plenty to keep me busy until Spring. And that isn't the half of it, but the rest is for another post...