Back from Belleville

[singlepic id=403 w=460 h=360 float=] Last weekend was the show In Belleville, Illinois, and we are back and pretty much recovered. Belleville is a three-day drive from Spokane, if you drive ten-hour days. We drove down in two days. I do not recommend this.

Horrendous drive aside, we arrived to find a very nice little show with a very high quality of art and one of the most helpful groups of volunteers I have ever encountered. This show staff treats artists like rock stars that they think are too skinny. Despite all the work of setting up and working an art fair, I think I actually gained weight with the constant barrage of treats (including homemade cookies in the shape of a #1 to commemorate the shows national ranking).

Once we opened up the booth Friday night (photo of my inexplicably Hello-Kitty-Pink booth above), the supportive and savvy local art collectors quickly relieved me of some of my prized work. The show drew large crowds Friday and Sunday. On rainy Saturday, when the masses stayed home, serious buyers braved the weather relieved to have the show more or less to themselves.

[singlepic id=404 w=320 h=240 float=left] [singlepic id=406 w=260 h=240 float=left] Sunday morning I unzipped the tent to be startled by a pair of mourning doves fluttering and flapping around the ceiling, perching on my walls and critiquing my paintings. As much as they seemed to disapprove of the art, they very much liked the tent, and refused to budge. We had to leave them there during the artists' breakfast and shoo them out later that morning. Fortunately Sprayway glass cleaner is a good multi-tasker.

The show went well overall which made for a pleasant ride home. During our more leisurely three-day return trip, we saw some sights that in a former life as a T-shirt illustrator, I drew repeatedly and ad nauseum: the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Sturgis. We even stopped in at Wall Drug. I had no idea you could see all of them in one day. If only I had seen a wolf, that day would have been complete, because yes, in my past life, I made WOLF SHIRTS. How cool am I.


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