Sun Valley and Artfest: The Jury is In

[singlepic id=377 w=460 h=320 float=] This week has ended on a definite high note. Yesterday, I finished the last of my twelve miniature oil paintings. Today, I got invited to bring them to Sun Valley and Artfest. Nice! Of course I'll be bringing pastels, too. But at this stage, getting in with oils still feels like an accomplishment.

A confession: I very nearly didn't send in my application to Sun Valley this year. Last year the show was a little rough for me, to say the least. Economic troubles hit the area hard, and we artists definitely felt it. I vowed to be strong and wait a year before applying again. But months later, after some profitable shows and a long winter, I caved at first sight of a jury deadline notice. Because whatever else it may be, Sun Valley is seriously fun. And I was NOT going to risk missing out on a KB burrito---not deliberately, anyway.

But first, there's Artfest. Or not, actually. For the first time ever, Artfest---my mellow, ease-me-into-the-season hometown show---is not first on my schedule. By the time Artfest rolls around this year, I'll have opened my oils exhibit at the Kress Gallery in Spokane, then driven to Illinois and back for Art on the Square. I sure hope I can adjust to all of these gold-plated problems, as my friend Vicky describes them. I'm looking forward to trying. Just a few more "little" projects to get through beforehand. But that's a story for another day.

(Above: three of the twelve miniature oils, currently untitled. What can I say, I'm busy.)