Meanwhile, at the Tiki Lounge...

[singlepic id=361 w=320 h=460 float=left] Okay, so it's not really a tiki lounge. It's just my studio, although I have toyed with the idea of adding a grass skirt to my framing table and occasional bar. In any case, I just whipped up another of my little cocktails (i.e. little 10" x 20" oil paintings named for vintage drinks).

Ruby Fizz, left, is now both a painting of a red hydrangea and a crazy old cocktail involving sloe gin, grenadine and egg whites. I confess I've never had a Ruby Fizz, though I might just see what happens if I order one this weekend. I'm intrigued.

I found the recipe in my own cocktail book, but found this gem of a recipe book here as well. (WANT!)

As for my own Ruby Fizz, it will be served soon at an art fair (possibly) near you!