Digging In

[singlepic id=343 w=460 h=340 float=] Things are starting to happen in the new studio! After spending a weekend moving in (enough to start painting, anyway) I got to work on my first oil painting in my new digs. It went surprisingly fast, which I have decided to attribute to the good energy in the room. Pretty impressive for a 100+-year-old basement. I would have expected something, well... spooky. But it is just the opposite---cozy and inviting.

Shiva (above) practically painted itself. It is not completed in the photo, but it was finished maybe an hour after that. One more piece ready for the Kress Gallery show in May! By the way, I do plan to start posting my more professional-looking "official" art photos again soon. One side effect of my ongoing move has been to separate my art and workspace from my usual photography spot, but I'll get that worked out shortly.

Oh, by the way, I seem to have  a correction due... last summer I mentioned that I won an award and thus a re-invite to the Edmonds Arts Festival this June. Turns out the award does not include a re-invite after all! Ooops. Anyway, I went ahead and applied so we'll see what happens. It would be pretty sad if I didn't get in after all that, but I guess I'll just have to wait for it! (LOL!)