Las Lunas, At Last

[singlepic id=340 w=460 h=340 float=] I was starting to think it wouldn't happen, but it did... I finally finished Las Lunas, the 3' x 9' oil version, just in time to move into my real studio. Here it is in the upstairs space where I painted it while waiting for my new studio to be open (thanks to my very nice new landlord Len for allowing me to paint in this cool AVAILABLE office space!) Look for Las Lunas in my all-oils show at the Kress gallery this May.

Now that I've finished this monster, it's all about getting settled in my new basement speak-easy-esque studio, framing for my pastels show opening February 5th at the Tinman Gallery, and making MORE OILS for the Kress!

Oh, one more thing... if you are in Spokane, check out Buttercuppity's new shop in Steam Plant Square... they had my new studio before me and quickly outgrew it. Congratulations Ari and Captain Hotpants! Love your store.

For another view of the new studio click here.

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