Thanksgiving Thoughts

[singlepic id=330 w=320 h=420 float=left] The past few weeks have found me neglecting my website a bit, I'm afraid. Luckily, this was due to good problems: I had to get twelve small pastels ready for my two small works shows in December. (Of course it would have been no problem had I not spent several days recently painting the oil version of Isis, left.) The deadline sort of snuck up on me, but a little extra adrenaline is always good this time of year.

In fact, this year has been filled with all sorts of goodness for me, and now seems like an appropriate time to send out some appreciation to those that helped make that happen. So, while this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are a few things for which I am grateful:

Juries that let me into shows

Shows that invite me back

Galleries that invite me to show my work

Suppliers that bend over backward to make sure I have what I need, when I need it

The Pastel Journal, again (specifics coming soon!)

All the traveling artist friends that make strange places seem like home

All the local artist friends that make home that much better

My local art community for making me feel part of it all

Paul, for schlepping my stuff and enduring countless boring hours of travel and fairs

My parents, for never telling me I should become an accountant instead

And  most of all, I am grateful to the people who would argue against the statement "art is not a necessity." You keep me in business with your generous patronage, and I couldn't do this without your support. Thank you!