Jury Dutiless

[singlepic id=317 w=320 h=420 float=left] I'm on jury duty this week, and thus far it has been the easiest jury duty EVER. After a two-hour orientation Monday morning, the roomful of potential jurors was sent home after all three cases settled. We weren't called back for Tuesday and yesterday was a holiday. Today, still no jurors needed. One more day and a new set of jurors rotates in, putting me into the backup group for one week and that is it. If the case load stays this low, I can only imagine the two hours on Monday will be the entire extent of it. I have seriously lucked out. Not that I was unwilling to do it---in fact, I found the process fascinating. But with as much as I have on my plate right now, I really needed the time.

So, with my bonus week I got to finish Fall Garden No.3, left, and start work on another big pastel for my show at the Tinman Gallery. I really need to be painting in oils, but they will have to wait another week or so. Being on call makes me really appreciate the fact that I can put down and pick up pastels anytime without worrying about them being too dry, too wet, or too anything. Of course that doesn't mean they are always so easy. The  big pastel on my easel right now is giving me absolute fits, and taking way too long. But since I might not be here at all right now, save for the county's light case load, I really can't complain. Or shouldn't, anyway.


(Too bad I live in the city. There could have been a Rural Juror joke in there somewhere. Oh, well.)