So Many Paintings... So Little Time...

[singlepic id=315 w=320 h=420 float=left] "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

I have a lot of painting to do. A lot. I mean, I knew I did, but the magnitude of the job ahead of me is really starting to hit home as I count down to four gallery shows coming up in the next few months. It's a great problem to have, don't get me wrong. But I probably need to complete ten small works, ten large oils and ten large pastels by February (the oils show is in May, but the oil paintings will need time to dry before varnishing). And with jury duty (*sigh*) next week and the holidays coming up, I will have to reach a previously unheard-of level of efficiency to get it all done. Wish me luck. Please.

(Isis Study, left, will be at the Tinman Gallery's December small works show. I hope to use it as a study for a large oil to show in my Kress Gallery solo oils exhibit opening in May.)