The Studio Beckons

[singlepic id=298 w=320 h=460 float=left] At last---I've finally gotten back in town, through with my outdoor shows, caught up on my various business, over the flu, and into the process of making art. Although this week I spent a great deal of time just planning new paintings and gathering reference, I did manage to finish a new pastel (Limoncello, left).

The pastel actually has nothing to do with Italian liqueur, but was instead inspired by a neighbor's dying barberry bush. I'd seen this poor barberry most mornings for several months as I went on my morning walk, and was fascinated with the subtle colors in the early light. So last week, I finally got my camera and did something about it.

I always feel weird when people see me taking my reference photos, imagining what they might think. I was just getting my last few shots of this barberry when a woman and two young boys walked out of the house. I started walking again, thinking they hadn't seen me, when I heard one of the boys say, "that lady was taking pictures of our yard!" Ugh. So, I stopped and explained what I was doing. The woman was very gracious and told me to take all the pictures I like (while probably thinking "as long as you stay away from my kids you crazy person"). Oh well, I got what I wanted and no harm done. So thanks, neighbor lady, for being so understanding and for not being overly fanatical about your garden.

(By the way, the unusual aspect ratio of my new pastel is in response to numerous mentions of a need for "tall skinny artwork" to fill odd spaces in customers' homes. Hopefully this new size [24" x 8" before framing] will fill that need.)