Thank You Spokane!

[singlepic id=290 w=320 h=420 float=left] I think that unless you live in New York City, if you are an artist you probably don't think of your hometown as being an "art town." I know it's easy not to think of Spokane that way, but if I've ever said that, it's time for a retraction. Spokane continues to surprise me with the amount of support I see for the arts. This weekend's Little Spokane River Artists' Studio Tour was yet another example. We had great attendance for a second-year show, and people weren't just looking---they were buying art. And (from me at least) not only studio sale items, but major new works such as Golden Ascent, left. I was thrilled with the amount of support shown at not only this show, but Artfest, Arbor Crest and Eye4Art earlier this year, and many other shows over the past few years. So a big "thank you" to Spokane, Washington: Art Town!

I also owe some thanks to Casey Klahn, who linked to this site from a blog post full of praise for my work. Sheesh, Casey, you're embarrassing me! Thanks! And by the way, your pastels are looking better than ever... your award in Sausalito is well deserved.

Now it's just about time for me to disappear into the studio and prepare for the four gallery shows I have coming up between now and May. So be on the lookout for more new paintings (at last). Also, I'll be writing a bit about how to make original art work in your home in my new "Living With Art" series. I hope to provide some simple tips for displaying artwork to its best advantage, while finally getting a few pieces up around my own house (bonus!) Stay tuned.