A Change of Season

[singlepic id=258 w=460 h=340 float=] Today is my first day home from Sausalito, my last art fair of the season. I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that summer is almost gone. Although the weather is still beautiful, it was cold when we walked into our house last night, which seemed telling. At the moment I am debating whether to go get a hoodie, as the chill has lingered. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe it will help me transition into the studio season. But the fair season has been so fantastic that it is not easy to let go.

Fantastic comes in a lot of different forms. Of course we all hope our shows will be fantastic in terms of sales. In some places, this was true. But in other areas, the economy definitely seemed to be taking its toll. All in all, I was lucky enough to have a pretty much profitable season thanks to a few shows where the patrons really came through for us. To all of you who purchased art this year, thank you. It means everything to artists.

This year was also fantastic for me in terms of recognition from show juries. I won three awards this season: the President's Award at the Edmonds Arts Festival, a Benchmark Award from Art in the High Desert (Bend, Oregon), and First Place in the Drawing Category from the Sausalito Art Festival. All awards include an invitation to exhibit at the following year's festival, so I will happily return to all three shows in 2010.

One more aspect of the show season I will miss is the fantastic camaraderie that goes with the show circuit. Every summer brings an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, and I did more than my share of both this year. Over the past few seasons the shows have evolved from odd places filled with strangers to familiar haunts full of friends. With each passing year it takes longer to walk from one end of a show to the other as I stop to chat at more and more booths. And in the towns, annual traditions take root, such as shopping at Burnsies in Ketchum, eating at the Lotus in San Rafael (we ate there so often the restaurant bought our dinner on our last night in town!), and now lunch from Cafe Yumm in Bend.

Thankfully, there is still a little bit of summer left to savor. I have one more outdoor event ahead: the Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour. It promises to once again be a beautiful event and a great way to wind down the season. Much more info to come, so stay tuned.