Out of the Studio and on to the Road

[singlepic id=286 w=460 h=400 float=] After a very enjoyable week in the studio, it is time to face the prospect of seven weeks with no studio time at all. Art Fair Season is now upon me.

With that in mind, I've tried to get the most out of the last few weeks at home. As I mentioned previously, I've lined up some gallery shows for next year. So over this last week I made a large painting specifically for my oils show (to make me feel like I've gotten a head start, I suppose). Lacewing (detail, above) is the result of my efforts. Not a very good photo, I'm afraid---I took it in the studio with absolutely the wrong lighting and lots of glare. As a bonus, my studio is so small I can't actually get far enough away from the painting to photograph the whole thing. Thus the detail shot. But, considering the quality of the photo, that's probably for the best.

And that will undoubtedly be my last new painting post for a while. It's time to head to the basement and reprise my role as Framing Troll in preparation for the next several weeks. Beginning with the Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair next weekend, I will have an art fair every weekend save one until after Labor Day (and Sausalito). For the complete schedule click here.

I'm very excited to get out there and do my shows, but I'm pretty sure the magnitude of the travel schedule hasn't quite hit me yet. Not to worry, it will soon enough.