Serenity of a Different Sort

[singlepic id=285 w=460 h=360 float=] As promised, I spent this past week on the oil side of my studio creating my latest painting, the final version of Serenity. As always I was afraid that I would have forgotten how to paint in oils, and as (almost) always I found it completely enjoyable and needn't have worried. I was particularly glad to have chosen last week to get back to that easel, because I also spent some time last week lining up multiple gallery shows here in Spokane. 

So far I have two solo exhibits scheduled, both opening in the first half of next year. The first, at Tinman Gallery in north Spokane's charming Garland district, is set for February 2010. It is an honor to be featured there, as the Tinman represents some of the region's most respected artists.

Then in May, I will be back at the Kress gallery downtown, this time with my first oil-paintings-only show. The Kress is a big space. It eats oversized paintings for breakfast. Thus my relief at not having forgotten how to paint---I will need to do it a lot between now and then.

Lining up shows is thrilling and nerve-wracking and just another part of the daily grind, all at once. It is what I do, after all, but it never loses its excitement. I can go from thinking I have too many paintings to thinking I have far too few in the time it takes a gallery owner to say, "let's put it on the schedule!" But there is no better motivator to do more and better than the prospect of a solo show. That looming deadline brings butterflies and peace of mind in equal parts, and I absolutely love it.