Dancing Half Moon

[singlepic id=276 w=320 h=420 float=left] It's been a short week in the studio but I have managed to paint a few pastels. Hot off the drawing board is this one, Dancing Half Moon Study. It's another small piece destined to become the sketch for a large pastel, which I will begin first thing next week. I'd been struggling for a few days to work out a new composition, then this came together rather suddenly. I love the motion in it, and the shapes reminded me simultaneously of a crescent moon, ballet slippers on point and a standing-balance yoga pose. The title is a combination of all three.  Meanwhile the art fair preparations continue. Artfest (Spokane, WA) begins three weeks from today! Most of the hard work is done but I've been making life easier for future me with some labor-saving treats. "Treats" include things like built-in shims for my Pro Panel walls and a wireless credit card terminal. I've been coveting a terminal for some time now and today I made the leap into the 21st century (or technically the late 20th). Special thanks to Pro Panels and Teamac for their help with the shims and the wireless terminal, respectively. Both are great companies and once again, neither employs me in any capacity. They are just good people.