[singlepic id=273 w=460 h=320 float=] It seems that it's been a while since I've posted some new artwork. So I present my latest pastel, Orion. Orion is named for a satin-winged Costa Rican butterfly, and represents a serious effort to stop getting sidetracked with all this boothiness and paint something already!

I set up for my first show of the season four weeks from today, and am suddenly panicking that I don't have enough pastels. With several days of framing left to do, I have maybe three actual weeks left to paint. How on earth did that happen?

Of course, three weeks should be plenty of time. I tend to look at the calendar as if I was still working part time in an office, when a "week" meant just a couple of days to work on art. But I am amazed at where the time goes when I supposedly have every day to paint. All those errands I used to run on my lunch hour now happen during studio time. Am I really painting any more now than I did then?

Of course, at that time painting fifty oils and doing eight shows would have been out of the question. How soon I forget that I've got a whole new category of work to help fill my booth! And I expect I will truly appreciate my full-time status once the shows start, and I get to paint on the days between rather than cram in all of my office hours.

Meanwhile, staring at a monitor isn't putting any pastel on paper. Onward!