Meanwhile, Back in the Studio

[singlepic id=267 w=460 h=460 float=left] I've had a lot going on lately dealing with new shows filling the schedule, working with my booth setup, etc. But now that I'm doing all these shows, I think I should consider making some new artwork to hang on my ever-growing collection of display walls. Luckily for my pastel supply, we should be getting a break in the perfect weather after today and I just might be able to tear myself from the back yard and go paint.

I've already got a start with the pastel study shown here, Waiting Wings. I think I will make a large pastel version of the image, then play some more with painting this potted hydrangea I bought a few months ago. After reaching the brink of death half a dozen times or so, it is just getting interesting. And I'm enjoying having some new and different imagery for my pastels. Should be almost as fun as staining naugahyde.

I'll explain later.