Art & Glass Fest at Arbor Crest

[singlepic id=266 w=320 h=360 float=left]So I lied. I said I wouldn't add any more shows to my summer fair schedule, then I went the other way. Last year I tried a little two-day show at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars here in Spokane, and had a great time doing it. It happened to fall on the same weekend as the first Art in the High Desert. So, I thought if I managed to apply to A. in the H.D. this year, I would have to give up the Arbor Crest show. Turns out otherwise---Arbor Crest is the weekend before, so I can do both. This means that I will now be doing shows three weekends in a row, then one weekend off, then another three in a row, but I am trying not to think about that too much. By the way, if you are thinking of attending Art & Glass Fest, the good news is that it is held on the grounds of a beautiful winery atop a hill overlooking the Spokane River. The bad news (or maybe not) is that attendance is therefore limited to those 21 and over.