Art in the High Desert

[singlepic id=255 w=320 h=420 float=left]At last! I just received, happily, an acceptance to Art in the High Desert, and with it, the final entry on my schedule. Art in the High Desert is a new show, in its second year for 2009. It takes place in Bend, Oregon, in a beautiful location along the banks of a stream across from the Shops at the Old Mill. I know the location is beautiful because we actually went to Bend and scouted it on the way back from Sausalito last year. I had heard about the show many months before its inaugural jury, and very much wanted to apply for the first year of the show. The only problem was, I didn't know what it was going to be called. So when the show appeared on the jury site, I missed it, only learning its name a few months after the jurying was done. Several people at Sausalito last year had been in Art in the High Desert and were very impressed, especially for a show in its first year. This year I was NOT going to miss out again. I applied the day the applications became available. And it paid off---I was accepted in both Drawing and Painting. My luck seems to have improved over time with the painting category, going from rejections to wait lists to acceptances in a tidy progression.

On that subject, I seem to remember early in this blog project that I promised to post the good and the bad about this business. So in that spirit, I am posting my complete show results. Read on to see how I did.

Here are the shows I applied to, in order of receipt of jury results:


Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver, CO

Drawing: Rejected             Painting: Rejected

EPIC FAIL. Not surprising, really. When I did the show last year, I was told by several veteran artists that acceptance one year by no means guarantees acceptance the next. Competition is brutal for this fair that for several years running was ranked #1 in the nation. The worst part of this set of rejections is that they arrived a full two months before my next scheduled jury results, leaving me to wallow in loser-dom and doubt my image choices for the rest of my applications.


Bellevue Arts Museum ArtsFair, Bellevue, WA

Drawing: Accepted             Painting: Rejected        

My third year at the show in drawing. Bellevue is consistently my best show for sales and I was disappointed and a little surprised to be rejected in Painting. The competition is tough, but it is a huge show, and I thought I had a decent chance of getting in. At this point I started to worry my painting project was for nothing. But I comforted myself by remembering that I didn't yet have many oils from which to choose for my entries.


Edmonds Art Festival, Edmonds, WA

Painting: Accepted

This small show I did for the first time last year. Aside from losing my corner spot to a late-arriving artist who sold conga drums and played them ALL WEEKEND, it was an enjoyable show. Pastels are included in the Painting category here so it was all or nothing.


Artfest, Spokane, WA


There are no categories in my local show, you just throw everything you want to enter onto one application in more-or-less proportionate numbers to what you plan to bring.


Park City Kimball Arts Festival, Park City, UT

Drawing: Accepted             Painting: Wait listed (changed to Accepted)

This was my first application to this show. When I learned that I was both in and wait listed I contacted the show to find out what were the chances of getting in with my paintings, because the booth space I requested might depend on which medium(s) I could bring. The show director kindly decided to allow my paintings in the show, since I already had a space for Drawing. A wait list result generally means that my jury score is high enough to be in the show, but they have run out of space. Either my score was at the low end of the high scores, like an A-, or they chose artists above a certain score they thought would best balance the show, and I wasn't one of them. But because with a wait list result, the issue is space rather than quality, it doesn't affect the show much to allow my wait-listed oils in a space I already have for pastels.


Sun Valley Center Festival of the Arts, Ketchum, ID

Drawing: Jury Exempt      Painting: Wait listed (changed to Accepted)

Last year's Best of Category Award let me take it easy for the Drawing category of Sun Valley, but I still had to apply in Painting. The competition is fierce for this tiny show, so it felt pretty good to get a wait list in Painting. I contacted the show with the same result as for Park City.


Art in the Pearl, Portland, OR

Drawing: Wait listed         Painting: Wait listed 

I have applied to this show three times and have never gone. It bothers me quite a bit, actually. The first two years I applied I was accepted, but here's the thing. It's the same weekend as Sausalito. I applied to both shows both years, expecting to be rejected from one or both, and both times ended up rejected from neither. So at that point I had to make a business decision. In past years I had done a few shows in the Portland area and didn't sell much. Also, I had some work in a gallery in Lake Oswego, so felt I had that area at least partially covered. Meanwhile, I have no representation in California, so Sausalito won out. Since then my Lake Oswego gallery has closed and Sausalito has raised their booth fees to infuriatingly high levels, so given a different result I might have opted for this show. I think perhaps they are trying to tell me something. Fair enough.

Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, CA

Drawing: Accepted             Painting: Accepted

Always fun to do and I am thrilled to be able to bring oils this year. Last year I felt I might have done much better had I been able to sell oil paintings, and now I can find out if I was right (adjusted for economic conditions of course). With one caveat---I am in physical pain thinking about paying the ridiculously high booth fee. With two mediums and my larger oil paintings I will need to buy my first double space in Sausalito. A double booth space at this show costs three times that of a comparable space at other top-tier shows.

Art in the High Desert

Drawing: Accepted             Painting: Accepted

Pretty straightforward! And I might add, this show has very reasonable booth fees. Thank you for that, Carla.


So that's it then. Time to design postcards, work on my booth (more on this later--it's never as easy as I think it will be) and PAINT!