Sausalito, Baby!

[singlepic id=58 w=320 h=460 float=left] One more show is on the schedule, and it's a good one! As my friend Vicky said, hey, it's Sausalito, baby! A great, big, fun show, and annual excuse to make a road trip to my home state. This year I'll be taking oil paintings along with my pastels, so it seemed appropriate to include one of my oils of the hydrangeas near the show in this post. Maybe their owner will come through my booth and recognize them... There's so much to love about Sausalito. Great customers, beautiful setting, easy setup, and a fantastic party on Friday night. This will be my third year at the show. The first year, we stayed at a fun older hotel (La Luna) right across the Golden Gate Bridge on Lombard Street. We did all the touristy things, checking out the wharf, shopping, everything. Last year we went a bit more practical, bidding on a hotel on Priceline, and staying north of the bridge to save money on the hotel and bridge toll. Staying in San Rafael definitely had its benefits beyond the practical---the second night we found an Indian restaurant so amazing, we went back every night afterward. I am already drooling a little bit thinking about the Paneer Tikka Masala I discovered our last night in town. And, we found a fantastic eco-friendly mattress store where we replaced our bedding (an anniversary gift to ourselves).

In fact, it was our first year at Sausalito when Paul and I got married. After the show we drove to Tahoe, met all of our parents and had a little wedding at one of the chapels. Then the six of us ran around town, eating, drinking and playing slots. It was seriously one of the most fun nights I can remember. This year, we'll celebrate our second anniversary at the show. I hope we can think of someplace good to eat dinner afterward.