A Departure

[singlepic id=191 w=460 h=460 float=left] Once in a while I have to do something a bit different. This past weekend a walk to Manito Park ended up in a tour of the greenhouse where the tropical plants grow. It's an amazing place to be when winter just won't give up, all steamy and warm and colorful. Most of the plants inside are the usual hothouse suspects, but on this day, stuck between the begonias, orchids and cacti were pots and pots of these peach-and-yellow daisies. Not tropical so far as I know, but they caught my eye with their full, double petals and heads beginning to bend toward the ground.

I think I'll work out a few more pastels with these. I like the motion and lines of them, even if they are a bit opposite of the grays I'm craving at the moment. It's good to get a different perspective now and then.

Next week I will probably not spend much time in the studio. It's a spring break of sorts and I will be taking some time to work on my other never-ending project: the art fair display. More on that soon.