Atmosphere, and Oils in Edmonds

[singlepic id=190 w=460 h=320 float=] Another new pastel and things are going well today. First, my newest painting, Atmosphere No.2, made me happy to be working in pastel again. I'm liking how it turned out overall, but I was mostly thrilled to have the opportunity to dig into those super-delicious grays and darks I keep ranting about. (By now, Terry probably likes me almost as much as I like his pastels! and No, I am not on his payroll.)

Adding to the joy today was my acceptance letter from the Edmonds Arts Festival, a nice little show in pretty Edmonds, Washington. This time I get to bring both my oils and pastels, so yay. Slightly less happy news for my husband/long-suffering sherpa, Paul, who learned that he gets to spend his birthday engaged in one of his least-favorite activities: setting up an art fair booth. Sorry, love.