[singlepic id=189 w=460 h=320 float=] And now for something completely different... well, it's a pastel anyway. I suppose to be completely different it should be a bronze or something. It seems I am slightly rusty, as Coralline took me a bit longer than I expected. For starters, I didn't remember to prep my paper quite as thoroughly as what I normally do. I paid for it with two days fighting some funky paper texture.

As I think I've mentioned before, I always use Sennelier LaCarte paper for my pastels. I like the relative softness of its sandy texture, and the way it grabs a decent amount of pastel without pulling so much that it instantly fills its own "tooth." This particular surface lets me do some serious layering of color, and get that iridescent look I like. But for the last few years the LaCarte paper's texture has been a little less even than in the past. So I've taken to actually sanding the surface. It comes "sanded" already, meaning that it has a fine coating of a sandy substance. But before starting a pastel I go after it with fine sandpaper, working the entire surface to achieve an even, velvety-sandpaper feel. Maybe I should be calling it "twice-sanded"? 

By the way, in reference to the title of this post, I haven't set any particular number of pastels to complete this time. I'll just go at it until I think I have enough for this year's shows, or I have to stop and start framing, or I really really want to paint in oil some more. Okay, back to the studio!