And Olivia Makes Fifty

[singlepic id=187 w=320 h=460 float=left] Umm... ta-daa? It's weird but I'm not sure how to feel right now. I'm done. I made fifty oil paintings. It took all week to make this one, Olivia, a painting that wanted to fight me at every step.  I thought such a stubborn painting deserved a real person's name. Happily our love/hate relationship ended on a love note. Otherwise I'd be starting number fifty-one next week.

Paul thinks it was all psychological, that I had a block on finishing number fifty. It's probably true. I'm happy to have reached the goal, but right now I'm feeling kind of a letdown. I wish I hadn't finished midday on a Friday, but maybe on a Wednesday so I would have had time to dive into my next project. Now I have to wait until Monday to get my hands dirty again.

All whining aside, next week should be exciting. Not only do I get to change perspective a bit and start making new pastels for Bellevue and Sun Valley and whatever other shows will be on the schedule, I get to play with some gorgeous new Terry Ludwig pastels I bought on my way home from Bellingham a few weeks ago. Terry introduced himself and hung out in my booth for a while at Cherry Creek last year, and he was a lot of fun to talk with. I had tried his pastels, but so far only owned a handful. So when I stopped at Dakota Art Pastels, the great pastel candy store in Mt. Vernon, Washington, I went straight to the counter for some of Terry's buttery-rich colors.

I asked for a set of intense darks, but they brought out two sets... one intense darks and one new set of Maggie Price Essential Grays. I opened the lid of the gray set and after a barely-subdued "SQUEEEE!" I left with both. (After paying for them, of course, and feeling a bit sorry for the three resident dogs whose hearing may have suffered permanent damage.)

So, there you have it. Next week get ready to see some new pastels, and more on the show schedule over the next month too. Onward!