Framing Pastels

Have you ever bought one of my unframed pastels? Is it still unframed? Then this post is for you. I've been meaning to do this for some time, and I finally did: I have a new page for my blog titled Framing Pastels. You can see it in the right-hand column under Pages. I've included tips for framing a pastel start to finish, and also for framing a piece that is already matted, such as the miniatures I sell at art fairs.

I hope it will be helpful. Most of the necessary equipment is readily available at hardware and/or art supply stores. I've also added a new section of links titled "Resources," which appears at the bottom of the right-hand column, where I have listed a few sources for mats and other supplies. I will continue to add to the list in the future. 

Enjoy my new page, and happy framing!