Red Skies

[singlepic id=130 w=320 h=460 float=left]Actually the skies here are gray--the perfect conditions for photographing my forty-third oil, Red Skies. I named this photo for a little section over on the left side that reminds me of clouds at sunset. (For a detail shot, click here.) I'm often tempted to paint clouds. If there is one thing in nature that I am likely to stand goggling at for long periods of time, clouds are it. But so many people paint them already! So for now I'll stick to emulating them with something completely different.  Full disclosure: I'm not sure if I should count this as forty-three or not. I un-stretched an earlier painting and stretched new canvas on its frame to paint Red Skies. Mostly this was to save the time of getting a new frame made, and I can always re-stretch the earlier painting. But I confess it was not one of my favorites. I guess I'll just wait and see.


[singlepic id=131 w=320 h=460 float=left]




















Red Skies, detail