Is Forty the New Thirty?

[singlepic id=128 w=460 h=230 float=] For my own sake, I hope so. But I'm afraid that may end up being the case for my oils project as well. 

Above is my fortieth painting, Ravelen. Another milestone! Ten left to reach my goal, I should be happy, right? But my forty is starting to feel like somewhat less, for  few different reasons.

First, one of my stipulations for my fifty oils is that they all be good enough to show. But one of the side effects of doing something so many times is that you get better at it. So now some of the paintings that were looking pretty good to me a few months ago are facing tougher standards. 

Combine that with some early exhibits and other juried events which tend to tie up inventory, and my body of work starts to feel a bit underweight. Not that I mind painting a few more! But I do need to get back to pastel someday. Fortunately, about the time I expect to finish the initial fifty, jury notifications should start to come in. Who knows, I may already have way more paintings than I need. There's a scary thought.