A Good Year

[singlepic id=43 w=460 h=300 float=left] Well, here it is, the last day of 2008. It's been an amazing year for me, and as I gear up for 2009, I'm thinking of where I've been. 2008 started on  a high note: in January I was accepted to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. This is one of the most competitive shows out there, so I was thrilled to be included. Acceptances kept coming in and I ended up with exactly the show schedule I wanted, which was huge for me. There are no guarantees in this business. There is so much competition. You can't be certain you will have opportunities to show and sell, nor can you be certain you will make sales when opportunity comes. 

Despite looming economic troubles, I was fortunate to have some very good shows this year. All of them were good, actually, but a few stood out. Bellevue, Wash. and Sun Valley, Idaho were incredible in 2008. Thanks to all of you who gave me so much support--you know who you are. And here in Spokane, an amazing group of artists and art professionals have reached out to me, and for that I am also grateful. Thanks to all the artists and show staff that made all that work so much fun. And a special thanks to my husband and family for their unending patience and support.

2009 is mostly a mystery at this point. It will be months before I know my schedule. But I can look forward to a few good things now. Sun Valley is already on my calendar thanks to a "best of" category award this year. And, two of my pieces will be published in the Pastel Journal's April Pastel 100 issue. If I ever get over this awful cold I should be able to finish my fifty oils with no trouble, and if any shows will have them, I will have the excitement of presenting a new medium. But beyond that...?

Que será será, and Happy New Year!