Paint Me!

[singlepic=110,460,320,] Some paintings fight you every step of the way. Others seem to want to be painted. This new piece, Springstorm, seemed determined to appear on its canvas almost in spite of me. I was feeling low on energy when I started, and a bit, well, not confident. The colors were slightly outside my normal palette, and I wasn't completely sure how to approach the painting. And none of it mattered. I don't know why this happens, but it does from time to time for most, if not all, artists. And we love it when it does happen, because that is when we end up with our freshest works. The experience is completely enjoyable. Paint seems to mix itself, then flows easily onto the canvas. We work without thinking. This phenomenon of painting without thought is probably the closest I ever get to being fully present in the moment. A yoga teacher once asked me if painting was like meditation. Yes, sometimes it really is.