New Website

This is it, actually.  I had planned to run both my original website and my blog simultaneously, but after a long day's work getting this blog ready to actually publish (yes, I've been posting to an unpublished blog for two months!) I decided, with some arm twisting from Paul, that this would be my site. I liked my old site, and Paul spent many hours setting it up for me. However, it was not easy for me to edit and I felt like a jerk asking him to do updates. So I didn't. My hope is that I will keep this site updated very regularly, with blog posts, new work, upcoming events, news, and maybe some special offers of artwork along the way. Pretty much everything that I had on the old site is here. To the right I have galleries of pastel and oil paintings, bio stuff, a news page, links to my galleries, etc. plus a cool new gigs calendar at the bottom. That should look much more interesting as my show calendar fills up (hopefully!) in the spring. To quote Dane Cook, which I promise I will never do again, "I DID MY BEST!!!"  Hope you like it.