Fifty Paintings

Now that I've been working in the studio for a few weeks I realize that I need to set some goals for myself. I started out with one big goal, that is, to add oil paintings to my body of work, which has been exclusively pastel for several years. I knew I wanted to jury into at least some of next year's art fairs with oil paintings in addition to pastels.  And, to do all this I need to learn to photograph my oil paintings as well as I do my pastels (oils present a glare problem that pastels do not). But what does it mean to have a body of work large enough for next year's shows?  I showed three oil paintings at a mostly pastel solo show last fall and sold all three oils, so I have taken the possibility of high turnover into consideration.  And I came up with a number.  I think if I have fifty oil paintings by next summer (I mean fifty that I would actually show) I will have enough for the shows and at least one gallery that has requested oils.  I believe I have about eleven right now.  So, I think I can do it, and I will update my numbers and  post photos of some favorites as I go.  Note: since I am building a body of work, the paintings will probably not be available until next summer season. To kick off my project, here is my newest oil painting, Reflection Pool: